Craneworks, Inc.

New Cranes

Craneworks, Inc. specializes in US Navy NAVFAC P-307 (P-307) package hoist sales.  We represent a multitude of hoist manufacturers, including:  Coffing, CM, Yale, Shaw box, Budget and ACCO Wright.  Wire Rope or Chain hoists can be purchased fully P-307 compliant.  Compliance to include:

  • Wire Rope Breaking Strength Certification
  • Qualified Hook NDT Inspection and Report
  • Primary and Secondary Limit Switches (wire rope)
  • Full Standing Alteration Compliant
  • Keyed Upper Limit Bypass Switch
  • Complete Specification Data Record
  • 2 Copies of OEM Manuals

Included with each hoist/trolley are As-Built wiring schematics reflecting Standing Crane Alteration Compliance.
Hoist / Trolley can be purchased as stand alone or with installation and acceptance testing performed by NAVFAC P-307 certified technicians.

Other Navy Services

  • CSA Compliance evaluations
  • CAR Preparation
  • Coupling alignments
  • Three bearing shaft alignment verification
  • Hook NDT's
  • Rail inspections/surveys

Craneworks is a registered distributor for: