Craneworks, Inc.

OSHA Maritime Accreditation
We are accredited by the Department of Labor for Maritime Certifications, Equipment Testing and Accreditation, Shore based and Floating Material Handling, and Non-Destructive Testing in accordance with 29CPR 1919.

Bridge Trolley InspectionInspections and Testing

Craneworks, Inc. inspectors provide complete preventative maintenance and inspections of your equipment. We don’t just stop at the hoist. We inspect the bridge, runway, end trucks, hook, wire rope/chain, controllers, etc.

When Craneworks arrives at your facility, our staff follows an organized plan of action to ensure the most efficient method for completing your US Navy NAVFAC P-307 or OSHA inspections, with minimal interruption. Our inspectors will determine the condition of your equipment by making a physical inspection, observing functional performance and load testing. Inspections are performed by trained, qualified inspectors

With the completion of thousands of inspections, our Chief Surveyor and OSHA Approved inspectors, provide you complete equipment condition analysis and documentation, that enables you, the customer, to correct problems or deficiencies before an equipment failure can occur.

Briefly, our inspections include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Removal of all covers, as necessary, to visually inspect all gearing, electrical components, brakes, etc.
  • A thorough inspection of the hoist structure and mounting system.
  • The upper block and lower blocks are inspected for sheave damage, wire rope grooving, bearing wear, and proper lubrication, hook condition, etc.
  • The wire rope is visually inspected from top to bottom for kinks, crushing, damage or broken wires.
  • Limit switches are inspected and tested. Adjusted when necessary.
  • Units are inspected for oil leaks and oil levels are checked.
  • Hooks and chains are inspected thoroughly to ensure no “stretch” has occurred.
  • Couplers are inspected for loose fasteners, and fasteners are re-torqued, when necessary.
  • When applicable, Preventative Maintenance (PM) of all units is performed in accordance with Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) specifications and recommendations.
  • All PM supplies and parts are equal to or superior to OEM recommendations.
  • During Inspections, customer personnel training can be provided, if needed.

Non Destructive Testing Services
Craneworks, Inc. Personnel are qualified Level II Inspectors for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) using Dye Penetrant and Magnetic Particle mediums. We also provide Ultra Sound and X-ray Testing Services on an as needed basis. Our NDT Inspectors are required to complete refresher training in their medium and are re-certified every 3 years.



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