Craneworks, Inc.

Load Testing

At Craneworks, Inc. there is no project too small or too large.  We can provide on-site Crane Load Testing services up to 500 ton cranes. Loads can be tested using steel test weights or portable water weights. Craneworks uses only certified rigging equipment while performing load tests.

Proof Testing
Craneworks, Inc. can perform proof testing up to 200 ton right at your facility with one of our two test stands. We have a horizontal test stand and a vertical test stand, both of which are composed of hydraulic cylinders which administer tension on your WHE during the proof test. Our test stands are calibrated annually, with certifications traceable to N.I.S.T.  We have several load cells, which are used for accuracy during all proof testing procedures.  We use only certified hooks and shackles during proof testing. All load cells and dynamometers, are certified annually and traceable to N.I.S.T.

Craneworks, Inc. specializes in proof testing services for the US Navy and Marines.  Flight gear is proof tested to 200% in accordance with NAVAIR Standards NAV-17-1-114.  NAVFAC rigging gear is proof tested in accordance with US NAVY NAVFAC P-307 Standards.

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